Combat status

Innovative technical solutions allow the Russian defense industry to build up the combat potential of modern weapons and military equipment

Among the characteristics of the effectiveness and reliability of weapons and military equipment, such as, say, range and accuracy of fire, power reserve, power-to-weight ratio, cross-country ability, other tactical and technical data, there is also such an important indicator as modernization potential. That is, the ability of technology to update and improve due to the design solutions incorporated in it, which is not possessed by every model of weapons and military equipment. But in the self-propelled artillery installation "Msta-S" and the two-link transporter DT-10, these qualities were laid down from the very beginning. This was used by Uraltransmash and Vityaz Machine-Building Company JSC, seriously improving these weapons and military equipment.

Recall that "Msta-S" (GABTU index - object 316, according to NATO classification - M1990 Farm) is a Soviet and Russian 152-mm divisional self-propelled howitzer, created at the Ural Transport Engineering Plant. For the development and manufacture of this product, the Lenin and State prizes were awarded. The chief designer of the self-propelled guns is Yuri Tomashov, the 152-mm 2A64 gun is Georgy Sergeev.

 Tank T-90M became one of the main exhibits of "Army-2020"

It is believed that these very combat vehicles, along with the T-14 on the heavy unified Armata platform, will become the basis of Russian tank forces in the foreseeable future. This version of the "ninetieth" is a development of the T-90MS intended for export, which is also demonstrated at the forum at the exposition of the Scientific and Production Corporation "Uralvagonzavod" (within the Concern UVZ is part of the State Corporation Rostec).
These tanks have a lot in common, but one of them is adapted to the requirements of the Russian ground forces. It is also equipped with a new generation of reactive armor. 1 130-horsepower V-92S2F engine makes it possible to develop up to 70 km / h on the highway. The power reserve is 550 km. 
The modern fire control system, which includes the main sight of the gunner-operator with a thermal imaging channel, a double sight, a panorama of the commander, makes it possible to effectively use a modified 125-mm smooth-bore cannon and a coaxial machine gun. The remote-controlled 12.7-mm "Kord" is also used to combat air and ground targets.

The first export contract for the supply of Chinese new generation DongFeng Warrior armored vehicles

On August 15, 2020, the Chinese state-owned automobile corporation Dongfeng Motor Corporation and China Poly Group Corporation, represented by their subsidiaries Dongfeng Off-Road Vehicle Company and Poly Technologies, Inc, respectively, signed a cooperation agreement on the so-called N720 project.
According to the signed agreement, Poly Technologies will purchase from Dongfeng Off-Road Vehicle Company 100 new generation DongFeng Warrior armored vehicles with a 4x4 wheel arrangement for subsequent export to one of the African countries after retrofitting with weapons systems.

There was a photo of the modernized BTR-82AT with a new combat module

A 30-mm cannon with a coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun is used as the main means of destroying the enemy. A container of guided missile weapons is visible. We can say that the armored personnel carrier has turned into a full-fledged wheeled infantry fighting vehicle. In this form, it will significantly increase the offensive and defensive capabilities of motorized rifle units, as well as other formations that will receive it at their disposal.
The work on the creation of a new combat module was previously reported by the general director of "VPK" LLC Alexander Krasovitsky. It was noted, in particular, the possibility of using various anti-tank guided missiles, including Attack or Kornet. The photo shows that the "eighty-second" was equipped with additional protection in the form of lattice anti-cumulative and bulletproof screens.
Earlier, we said that the BTR-80/82 can be equipped with a variety of small arms and artillery weapons, for example, an 82-mm mortar. On the basis of this time-tested platform and numerous military operations, the creation of new machines for various purposes continues.

New weapons can radically increase the firepower of the BRDM-2

It is known that about nine and a half thousand units were manufactured. In addition to the reconnaissance version, anti-tank missiles were created with several types of ATGMs, anti-aircraft missiles, for chemical defense troops, command and staff, etc. It is not surprising that in many countries "twos" are being modernized in order to extend their service life. At least three dozen options are known. As you might expect, the best versions are made in Russia. The first, which was mass-produced and entered the troops, was the BRDM-2M.
The latest version of the BRDM-2MS, which uses the most modern technologies, is considered even more advanced. For example, the commander's stabilized panoramic sight with a thermal imaging channel, which makes it possible to detect the enemy at a distance of up to 5 km in the daytime and up to 3.5 km at night. The armament remained the same - one 14.5-mm KPVT and a 7.62-mm PKTM paired with it. There is one more two-channel sight and an all-round view complex, consisting of six video cameras.
The protection has been thoroughly improved - thanks to the installation of armored panels, not only is invulnerability against 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm bullets, but also from 14.5 mm in the frontal projection at distances of 300 meters or more. Increased resistance to various mines. Performance is improved by the use of a 150 hp diesel engine. The maximum speed on the highway is up to 100 km / h. The machine can force water obstacles afloat. The power reserve is 1500 km.